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Connecting to RDS via Windows

Information for connecting to the BEAR Research Data Store (RDS) Server on a Windows system.

Identifying Your BEAR Project’s Directory Path


You will have received an email containing the directory path when the project storage was created or you were added to the project. However, please follow the steps below if you no longer have access to this information.

  1. Log-in to BEAR Admin with your University username and password.
  2. Click on the “BEAR Identity Database” link.
  3. Scroll down to either the “PI on Projects” or “Member of Projects” sections and click on the link to the relevant project name.
  4. Locate the correctly formatted path for Windows. N.B. You can copy the link to your clipboard by clicking on the icon.

Connecting on Windows

To mount/map the above path on Windows, follow the University’s general instructions for mapping a network drive.

Video Guide

A short video demonstrating how to connect to the Research Data Store on a Windows computer. Note that there is no sound – please click on the (Settings) button and select Subtitles/CC to enable subtitles and follow the content.