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Application Guide: ABAQUS

ABAQUS Licences

Advanced Research Computing purchases ABAQUS licences for use on BlueBEAR.
Information on the ABAQUS licence features that are available can be found by executing the following command:

Non-BEAR licences

Please be aware that these licence information commands show ABAQUS licence usage across the entire University. Output will therefore include licences owned by specific users or groups, which other users cannot access and which may be allocated to non-BEAR systems.

abaqus licensing r

Information on current licence usage can be found be executing this command:

abaqus licensing ru

(N.B. for both of these commands you will first need to load an ABAQUS module.)

The above command produces a large amount of output. Search for lines such as the following to determine licence availability for the feature that you require:

Users of cae:  (Total of 38 licenses issued;  Total of 36 licenses in use)